Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Have Been Wrong Before...

I made this post almost 2 years ago, and boy, was I wrong. I never dreamed white people would support a man they wouldn't sit next to on the A train @ night.
Well if i am proven wrong... I just want to say sorry Barack Hussein Obama.

I Love it When Strangers Agree W/ Me

I Dont get My Political Advice From Jigga Man

Am i the only one who sees how this can go so wrong in so many ways? NO ID TO VOTE??
Dave&Busters wont let me bowl after 9 w/o my i.d., but we can allow for the potential minors, non citizens, and people who vote numerous times to vote??? Come on... THIS. IS. NOT. OK.

Redistribution of Wealth

So, the collective consensus of negrodom says that I should vote for Obama. Because he is black. Because he cares about the common man. Because he wants to cut taxes... excuse me??
Tax cuts for those who dont pay taxes...
How does this work? I HATE to throw this word around so liberally but this sounds like Socialism to me....
How about you?

What Was The Point of This


So a shooting went down in planet Brooklyn, and Common the rapper gets hair cuts there. i will refrain from mentioning how stupid this is... You can all add your own smart comments