Friday, April 25, 2008


kayosonthego: My life is officially worthless
HolleyMonelle: [AWAY] Acquitted on all counts. Smh, wow.
HolleyMonelle: "So I would write it if yall could get it, but bein' intricate will get you wood critics..."
HolleyMonelle: Lesson of the Day: In reviewing every relationship, friendship, success, failure or encounter, you'll find that you always get exactly what you attract. Everything you want is brought on by you - therefore, nothing is unattainable.
HolleyMonelle: Dare to Dream.
HolleyMonelle: Why?
------------------------------- 10:04 am -------------------------------
kayosonthego: Cuz u can shoot me 50 times and not even be convicted of so much as littering 4 all the spent shells on the ground.
kayosonthego: A kid I knew gets shot in my general area, and nobody is guilty of anything...
kayosonthego: Its ok.
kayosonthego: Lets shoot all the black males...
kayosonthego: Apparently its legal
kayosonthego: Its nigger hunting season
kayosonthego: And a badge apparently is a hunting license
HolleyMonelle: Welcome aboard.
kayosonthego: Well I woulda shot 2... but I would have fully expected some kinna retribution...
kayosonthego: What I remember of him he wasn't a nigger nigger... the othe 2 tho.... shtraight hood trash
HolleyMonelle: That still doesn't make it justifiable
kayosonthego: Why I said I woulda expected retribution
HolleyMonelle: Either way, the shit is ridiculous
HolleyMonelle: And two of the cops were black
kayosonthego: indeed
HolleyMonelle: I thought they'd at least get some time
kayosonthego: Hell I would have expected the guy who dumped 2 FULL CLIPS 2 go
kayosonthego: He reloaded....
HolleyMonelle: Smh
HolleyMonelle: No time
HolleyMonelle: Nothing
HolleyMonelle: That shit is crazy
HolleyMonelle: After one clip, you'd at least check the scene
HolleyMonelle: And realize that NO ONE shot at you
HolleyMonelle: At all
HolleyMonelle: I mean got damn
kayosonthego: I could see 1 or 2 shots... then lookin 2 see what's going on....
HolleyMonelle: Wtf
HolleyMonelle: A little peek or somethin
kayosonthego: But 2 stop, reload, and go in again... and not notice nobodys shooting back
HolleyMonelle: But a full clip, no peek, then a reload?
------------------------------- 10:15 am -------------------------------
kayosonthego: That nygga needs 2 be under the jail
kayosonthego: Nas needs 2 change his single from "be a nigger too" to something like "niggers have no value"
kayosonthego: Shock the world w/ the truth they ignore....
kayosonthego: Apparently we as black people have no value in this world....
kayosonthego: And nas wants 2 make a statement... highlight how apparently we aren't worth a littering ticket
kayosonthego: NOTHING
kayosonthego: I don't even wanna leave the house.
kayosonthego: I might get shot... and have an imaginary friend who runs around the block w/ all the guns and never is seen again
kayosonthego: How everybody get all kinds of shot up, except 1 kid, who runs away.... and if he ran, y r u shooting everybody sitting in the car?
kayosonthego: The alleged dude w/ the alleged gun allegedly ran away...
HolleyMonelle: Smh
------------------------------- 10:22 am -------------------------------
kayosonthego: but its definantly some kinna outside forces @ work...
kayosonthego: People in the hood shoot eachother and go 2 jail.... u know how many hood criminals there r.... w/o justice....
kayosonthego: And nypd shoots a black man... they know who did it... and still no jail...
kayosonthego: Apparently it really is legal
kayosonthego: Like shoot a white guy... ur goin down
HolleyMonelle: Beneath the jail
kayosonthego: Mafia dudes go 2 jail 4 shit they did 20 years ago... vinny the tooth will tell on that ass now a days...
kayosonthego: For some old shit
kayosonthego: (Snitchin ass bitches... mafia dudes apparently aint as real as they used 2 be)
kayosonthego: But shoot a black man, hang around, smoke a fukkin cig... get a pat on the back, 1 less apparently.
kayosonthego: I'm tight
kayosonthego: I'm done.
kayosonthego: Sorry h
HolleyMonelle: Nah its cool
HolleyMonelle: I already went off this morning
HolleyMonelle: My sister called me at work w/ the verdict
HolleyMonelle: I'm like, acquitted?
HolleyMonelle: WTF
HolleyMonelle: That shit is just dum
HolleyMonelle: Over 50 fuckin witnesses?
HolleyMonelle: Like - wtf
kayosonthego: And a bench trial...
kayosonthego: No jury
kayosonthego: The judge is a fukkin idiot
kayosonthego: Or he "just bought a new car"
------------------------------- 10:36 am -------------------------------
HolleyMonelle: "Just bought TWO new cars"
HolleyMonelle: Why the fuck was it a trial w/ no jury anyway
HolleyMonelle: B/c they know the ppl would make the RIGHT decision
kayosonthego: Everybody has a bench trial option....
kayosonthego: Its easire 2 write 1 check than 12
kayosonthego: Easier
HolleyMonelle: That shit is bullshit Glen
HolleyMonelle: Smh
HolleyMonelle: Shouldn't have been a damn option
HolleyMonelle: Easier to pay off one dumb ass judge
kayosonthego: It is tho... ehhh...
HolleyMonelle: Ridiculous
kayosonthego: Word
------------------------------- 10:44 am -------------------------------
HolleyMonelle: You know the hood is pissed when 45 min after Summer Jam tickets go on sale, there's still hella floor seats left
------------------------------- 10:49 am -------------------------------
kayosonthego: There r no artists worth seeing besides 'ye
HolleyMonelle: I'm just sayin
HolleyMonelle: Last year, that shit was super wack
HolleyMonelle: Sold out
------------------------------- 10:53 am -------------------------------
kayosonthego: Lol!
HolleyMonelle: That shit was trash
HolleyMonelle: Ah man
HolleyMonelle: Glad I didn't go
HolleyMonelle: The year b4 was dope tho
HolleyMonelle: MJBbbb
kayosonthego: <<- liked MJB stacey adams music....
kayosonthego: Can't stand the new ish really.
HolleyMonelle: Ughhhh
HolleyMonelle: Her new shit is disgustingly ugh
HolleyMonelle: But, "Share My World" Mary was at the 06 Summer Jam
HolleyMonelle: I was thoroughly impressed.
kayosonthego: I love stacey adams music
kayosonthego: By stacey adams I mean....
kayosonthego: U can hear KC"s foot in that ass music
HolleyMonelle: Lololol
HolleyMonelle: Yessssss
kayosonthego: I hope jeezy shoots keyshia cole or some shit... she ever gets happy...
kayosonthego: Its over 4 her
HolleyMonelle: LMAO
kayosonthego: Mary was on some show saying if her fans really loved her, they would be happy 4 her... and accept her new music...
HolleyMonelle: That means she knows her shit is wack
kayosonthego: Oh I'm sorry, so we have 2 bullshit w/ no feeling cuz ur happy now...
kayosonthego: I'm sorry I'm stick w/ mariah 4 happy music. She has a better voice 4 that shit.
kayosonthego: Mary has the best "I smoke 2 packs a day, and this nygga keeps swinging on me" voice ever
------------------------------- 11:03 am -------------------------------
kayosonthego: No mary, quanita liked ur shit cuz she was goin thru the same dumb shit u were. Ur audience is still the same (which I don't know what it says about black people not being able 2 move on and gropw up but that's another rant...)
kayosonthego: Hell I like it still cuz a: it was humerous and b: u actually cared...
kayosonthego: She sounds disinterested now...

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