Wednesday, November 15, 2006


t seems some people think i am "o.d." with alot of my rating, but um this just further reinforces my point that "urban youth" r fukkin idiots.

i caught flack 4 my thing w/ the vans deck shoes... w/o having a boat deck. or going on a trip 2 the beach.

but this is fukkin stupid. WHY IN THE FUCK WOULD U HAVE A WALLET CHAIN WITH NO FUKKIN WALLET?!?!?!?!?!?!?
who the hell in their right mind would clip the end fit that goes onto a WALLET on ur EMPTY BACK POCKET!?!?!?!?!?

I MISS THE GOOD OLD DAYS WHEN CAM'RON LEAD THE IDIOT DIKKHEAD LOOK MOVEMENT. it may have looked funny, but it wasnt anything that just didnt make sense. winter time. wear a chinchilla. a hot pink one... its a winter coat, in the winter. makes sense.

i have 2 go shopping, in a mall on a sunny day. and ur inside anyway.
lets wear shoes designed 2 go on and off easily, and that dry quickly, seeing as u know, u may want 2 kick them off quickly 2 take a dip... or they may just get wet, when ur friends push u overboard just 4 kicks.

oh well... imma go play w/ a cell phone w/ no service... seeing as being as idiotic as possible is the new coolest things 2 be.

next fad: wiping ur ass, b4 u take a shit. thats soo illogical, it may catch on!!! remember where u heard it 1st!!!

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