Wednesday, November 15, 2006

top 8 politics (an ode 2 summer myspace hate)

sooooo everybody has a top whatever... lets sy 8, just cuz its the famous numba
what the hell is the big deal? the 24 i have on my page is by no means an indication of how much i like yall in order...
my top 4 r my people... i love some others that r lower... but guess what alot of yall r here so i dun hear ya mouth. holley is numbs 24... i know whe can tak it. she wont bitch and moan about being low. she knows she is my "HOLLEY WOLLEY FOLLEY BOLLEY"... but alot of people tell me about how theire people get atttudes about not being high enuff... or not being on at top 4 is retty much set... the rest of that shit can change depending on what side of the bed i get up on.
yall need 2 relax. its not the serious. who gives a shit. its myspace. my dawgs know who they r. if u gotta bitch and moan. u probably aint that ill anyway. get @ me

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