Wednesday, November 15, 2006

summer time gasoline hate

sooooo exxonmobile posted the 2 highest quarterly profits ever by a publically traded complany... on the backs of obscenely high gas prices. sure the price of oil is abscenely high... but apparently the price of oil has little 2 do w/ the price of gas. oil execs try 2 explain it as just passing along the expense. passing along the expense wouldnt raise profits obscenely. these nyggas r gouging the prices... and we r all suckers 4 it. and dont even think of blaming all this on the war in iraq. people who do that also tend 2 be the ones who say... we invaded iraq 4 oil...
NOW HOW THE FUCK CAN WE INVADE 4 OIL... THEN THE PRICE GOES UP. U FIGGA IF WE R GONNA KILL IRAQUIS 4 OIL.. WE WOULD @ LEAST GET THE BENEFIT OF THE FLIPPIN OIL!!!! the price of oil proves that we didnt go 4 oil. cuz oil should be dirt cheap now... we control oilfields supposedly. we killed thousands of iraquis 4 oil supposedly... and now the price goes up?? well if u believe that i gotta bridge i wanna sell u.

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