Wednesday, November 15, 2006


yo, i swear i have heard this album more this year than any other year. i have heard this album more this year than any other album. even b4 the concert was hatched. was jigga really 10 years ahead of his time?

i remember when i had this shit on tape and the tape stretched out.
jay has never rapped the same way since. his flow is way more linear now. his flow is way more complex on this album. i mean i think blueprint may be just as good an album, but this 1 is definantly his best lyrical work

lets beat up ski 4 lettin jay steal some of his hottest shit ho.. camp lo had a classic album, every bit as good as jiggas, and ski helmed both. good thing jay spoke english, andu aint have 2 dig 2 deep 2 see what he was talkin about. otherwise we may think camp low was the bestest thing ever.

anyway.... reasonable doubt... i vote for it 4 album of 2006. it was everywhere... macys was abngin it, i hear it in somebody's car almost everyday...
and the concert. (holley i hate you) if that aint solidify it as just damn fine i dunno what will.

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