Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ranting about "random" bag searches....

Soooo my problem for the day... Random bag searches on the train or in airports. Random bag searching will only work if the people trying to attack us were random. Sadly (and not politically correct) they r not. Sure every 1nc in a while you have a random crazy person, but that isn't the usual. Just like nobody thought the d.c. sniper was a black guy (nyggas dun have a history or seemingly random killings) nobody would assume a lil old chinese lady would blow up a plane or a train. Randomly search them. U never know. 1 may be a lunatic 1 day. But dont do that instead of the backpack carrying guy that looks like Jesus. Sorry people we need to accept the fact that the muslim world just cant play nice with others. It may sound mean to sa, but brown people who believ in allah just dun like americans. (i say brown because last i checked... White muslims from eastern europe havent become jihadists lately...) so the point of all this is. It is rather stupid randomly look for people who actually can be categorized. U wouldnt randomly search for spoiled food. U see something that may be discolored, you examine it, and if it checks out ok. U eat it. If not you throw it away.everybody cant be happy all the time. Everybody cant fele nice about themselves.
IT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENTS JOB TO MAKE SURE U HAVE A SMILE ON UR FACE. government should only protect the people from dangers domestic and abroad, make sure the really empoverished and needy r not dying in the streets, and educate the youth to a certian standard.anything else is bubkis. Who cares if certain groups feel nice. I dont feel nice. How about that. Just like randomly searchin peoples packages that get on a train alienates people with bags. What about them? Where is the humanity. Imma start a coalition. The people with bags searching for equal rights party.
Who is with me?

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