Wednesday, November 15, 2006

random hate from the days of blackplanet

yo i think it is kinda appropriate 2 talk about my pet peeves and let yall know about the dumb "ish" i see all over...

  • i would like 2 spread a disease called truth... I wanna infect as many people w/ it as possible... Too many of yall live in a fantasy world where tolerence is the way of life... How about this... The world aint nice and neither is the truth... So now on w/ the offending...

  • oh my frikkin gosh... this 1 really pisses me off... am i the only 1 2 notice that the more sexi`s, lovely`s or pretty`s a chick has on her page, the more likely it is she either dun have a pic, or is just butt @zz ugly? like be realistic... we need less "sexichika696969696969" and more "im ok lookin dame1"`s

  • WTF is wrong w/ the people on the maury show?? like if u sexed a broad dun go up there talkin about there is no way the baby is urs just cuz ya man hit 2, yall both on the hook until "the results r in"
    and 2 the stupid chicks. dun proclaim u know a man is ya baby daddy unless ur sure. talkin about "it had 2 be quameek... i only slept w/ him." then next thing u know its 3 episodes and 9 men later and none of them r the 1... u know u r loose, stop frontin. and if u know u r a hoe and dun wanna be embarrased, write this ish down on a calander, keep ya stats up 2 date, it helps narrow it down.

    and 2 the dumb @zz dudes who act like they never saw the frikkin show b4... if u know u beatin on the next chick, and ya wooman comes on the show 2 confront u about it, dun try 2 sex the stripper that is coming on 2 u backstage... talk about nyggaz who cant see 2 inches infront of their face. y do they always fall 4 the planted chick... like u know that u r here cuz u cant keep ya pecker in ya pants, and u wanna deny it, but u gonna fall 4 it on tv. like dude aint u seen this already??? its a trick... dummyz

  • this is 4 all the dudes out there w/ ya lil fake jordans and jerseys... leave those things at home. there is a reason that u never saw anybody w/ them b4. some shoes r limited edition, and dammit i have 2 of them so far. but ya people actin like u aint never seen an old game on tv or something go watch espn classic, look at a real jersey, and some real kix... and look at urs... nah matchin up huh?? and 2 all of yall w/ retro 4`s and 5`s who just bought hem last week, from 27-28ths street. all yall ish is fake. dun see me in mah exclusives and try 2 floss urs. mine r REAL!!!! urs will fall apart in 3 weeks...

  • i hate people w/ busted bp pages... if u have used one of those pagemaker things.... make sure u make it fit 2 the screen. y must i scroll my screen 10 feet 2 the right so i can read that 1 long @zz line of text u have? fix it up. learn a code or 2 of html 4 yaself.
    and also... if u have 67 pix on ya page and i gotta wait 4 ya page 2 load ... and not 1 of those pix r of u.... please dun holla at me... imma just ask y u did it 2 urself... (unless u know u fine... then u can get @ me anywayz...)

  • y do gay people feel the need 2 throw their gayness up everywhere... everything is pride and rainbows... u dun see me flaunting my straightness like its sum kinna badge of honor... *bleep* some of my homegurls r gay/bi/confused... and i luv them 2 death... but please... imma start a straight flag... no rainbow... just black and white stripes. and imma throw that up everywhere... be who u r.

  • how the hell can spanish people live in america 4 like 20 years and still not speak a word of english??? wtf? send them all back home. how can u become a productive member of a society, and not assimilate into the society, even 2 a degree??? imma go 2 hungary, and start speakin tagalog 2 the people there... see what happens....

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