Wednesday, November 15, 2006

OMG glen is on fire.... namin names... late summer heat

i wanna say 2 all u flippin haters and fake asses...


if its 1 thinGg i hate... and terry, u can co-sign, is stupid telephone games. quite immature. the people this is addressed 2 probably cant see this, but i am sure word will get out... i will get @ a nygga 4 playin on the phone. i have shown up on nyggas blocks just cuz they talk silly on the phone, and do silly things. and u know what... not 1 fukk has ever sed the same shit in person.
so 2 all u phone gangsters and game players.... step up, or get shut the fuck down....

and 2 thehaters... thank u very much. ur just fukkin mad. no i cant be ur man.
no i wont be ur man.
dammit, i'll be dammed if i even wannabeat.
way i figure it, ur flippin lucky i even talk 2 u. myspace or not. stop bitchen about me not being w/ u. stop whining about me talkin 2 some next chick, and u feel like she took ur spot, or she is where u thought u were gonna be.
wanna hear a news flash.
the fukkin exit ramp. thats ur lane.
u entered the glen highway of life.... and now i am bored w/ u. exit please, and pay ur toll on the ramp.
shit imma name names.... cuz i am really tired of the bullshit, so u can all know exactly who u r.
FELICIA- the craziest broad i ever met. questioning me about every lil comment on my page, or on my pix. who gives a fuck? y must u feel the need 2 comment on every lil comment. u werent my gurl. i was nice 2 u a few times and u got open. aint my fault all u know r lames. here r 2 hints.... every nygga taht pulls out a seat 4 u, or opens a door doesnt want u. its called chivalry. my parents raised me well. i behave like a gentleman... (unless u e-annoy me... and i e-vent)
DANEE- u were my homie. and yeah, ya shit was luv. but um.... i couldnt be ya man 4 a number of reasons... maybe it was cuzza my baby @ the time. so what we "broke up" she still had my heart, and when u had ur chance 2 shine, u fizzled out, u dissapeared 4 a lil bit... and all it takes is a week 4 me 2 refocus on some next shit, and leave a broad by the wayside. o well, if i am ever free, join a sorority, step ya game up boo. and so what i talk 2 kim. THAT IS MY BOO. u can hine all u want. who cares... i get a good laff @ it.
and tell whoever hung up on me 2 be easy. i hope he knows that he is plan b. plan b nyggas/bitches stand up. terry plan b king... i see u.
JESSICA- u r my BEST FRIEND... but the silliness gotta stop. i love u 2 death, but um... imma rock out w/ kim 4 a lil bit. see what happens. she nah my gurl, but she aint a j.o. she aint some random bitch. u need 2 respect game. and stop hatin. u act like u want me or some shit. if u do, fess up. if u dont behave. she aint do shit 2 u, u have no reason 2 hate. aint like she live in the proects on a bunk bed and when i fall asleep @ her crib, her lil brother gotta sleep w/ his project mother.
2 THE SLEW OF BITCHES TRYNA FALL IN LOVE W/ A NYGGA IN 2 WEEKS... gorw the fuck up. u dunno what his shitsmells like and u nicknaming ur self w/ his last name. u talkin about u love him. he loves you. al this foolishness. no bitches... keep it funky. ANY NYGGA GETTIN THAT ATTACHED THAT QUICK IS ALMOST CERTIAN 2 BE WRONG IN THE HEAD. and this is from a sensitive nygga. i love 2 be loved. i love 2 love. but um... what is wrong w/ a dude that is needy enuff 2 wanna marry somebody he just meet... (this excludes crazy mo fo's that find true love mad quick.. i am talkin about needy sad puppy nyggas... ladies u know what im talkin about. a dude who will slip his wrists if u spend that night in ur own bed, or actually spend time w/ ur friends who were here last week mind u.. (cuz he wasnt) and who will be there next week (when he wont)
ladies remember where ur allegiances should lie. stay focused. and dudes... unless ur rich and got it like that, and u dun need a chick 4 shit. dun even tell abroad u like them 2 quick. cuz otherwise she gonna be like... ummm y is he a sucker...
well this is my rant 4now.... i am sure if i get mad and catch a contact high again from being in a room full of weed smokers.. (that shit is nasty!!!!!! but the on di regga tip live was a poppin ass concert!!! BULLET BULLET BULLET!!!!) i will put more nyggas on blast.
now back 2 ur regularly scheduled programming....
transmission: end

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