Wednesday, November 15, 2006


SOOO i have come acroos something in yesterdays daily news that disturbs me beyond belief. the ability of people 2 make choices in life that allow them 2 change their BIRTH CIRTIFICATE.
so i learned taht if u have a sex change.... or even just live life as if u were a member of the opposite sex.... u can have ur official record of birth altered.
u cant go bald and have them change yahair color on ya B.C. 2 hair: none.
but u can PRETEND ya dick aint there... and have it changed.
u can cut it off... and pretend it was never there???
michael jackson cant have the race on his B.C. changed 2 white....
but u get 2 deny who u REALLY are?
thsy might as well let u change ya bday tho... so u can have the zodiac sign u want now.... hate being a split personality gemini...
u too can be a sexy scorpio...

on another quick note... the seeming wave of gay folks wanting 2 have kids...
makes NO sense...
u live a lifesyle that precludes u from reproducing.
but u want kids.
wtf is that? dont complain. if u want kids. have sex w/ people who can make that happen.
u cant muy a toyota corolla, then complain cars r passin u on the highway. sometimes u just have 2 suck it up and deal w/ the circumsances of ur life. want kids... put a penis and a vagina in a room and lock it... nobody leaves till the lil mexican lady has 2 come and mop the floor up.
next thing u know people on birthcontrol r gonna complain they cant have kids. people who buy playstations dont complain about not playin mario. they went down the sony road. u want mario. u gotta play w/ power. nintendo power.
everything in live is about choices, and the ramifications of those choices. thats part of being an adult. ur lifestyle dun support reproduction. but u wanna reproduce anyway. y must u have ur cake and eat it too.
live ur life.
accept certian things.
make sense.

and 2 all of u thinkin i am gay bashing. cut it. i bash everybody. today is gay day i guess... not even all gays. just illogical ones. i have gay friends who realize that 2 have kids.... they may just have 2 have somebody b/w their legs who aint named susan.
i love you all.... no not really. i hate everyone. and the people who love me back hate me 2.


get @ me!

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