Wednesday, November 15, 2006

lift off

initialized now

b4 i say anything i wanna say, that yes i know that my page makes me sound like i am really ghetto, but it is just 4 comedic effect, talk 2 me and u will see i am REALLY intelligent... i just like 2 type hood...

hey yall... this is the all encompassing babyfacedkayos (kayos, huggi, huggi-be@r) comin 2 work yall like a 9 to 5... lol! i am the kid that can be almost anything. i get along well w/ damn near anybody. i can go from mad hood, 2 prepped out, 2 the most intelligent mo-fo u will ever meet, 2 the silliest/funniest cat in the street. i am from south side jamaica queens... but i aint reppin that. we have enuff hardcore wanna be nyggaz out here reppin 4 the "hood". dammit i know i dont live in the hood. i got trees on my block (and they dont come in lil zip-lock bags!! lol) i mean i be in the "real hood" all the time... but i sleep where i dont have 2 worry about havin my head shot off while i am dreamin of... well lets not get into what i am dreamin about!

i am 24, and i like 2think of myself as being pretty frikkin smart, and i am pretty fun 2 be with.

oh yeah 1 more thing... my goal in life is 2 be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. ok, stop laffin now! i aint playin. but i do have back-up plans also... i have a dream of being a swat team member or anagent 4 the fbi, cia, or nsa...(but only if i aint prez or a big shot politician, or lawyer...)

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