Wednesday, November 15, 2006

a late summer rant. you all of u can vibe 2...

hey yall. i am tired. i must be the one who is wrong.
4 almost 24 years of my life, i thought all of YOU were weird. and today i came to the conclusion that everybody cant be weird. i have 2 be the weird one.
i have looked @ alot of u, my people. and sed WTF 2 myself or u, a number of times. and now that i think about it. i MUST have gotten it wrong all these years.
lets see what have i gotten wrong so far???

maybe these gay hatian, fresh prince style hats really r cool. there had 2 be a reason all the nyggas do it. chix co-sign it. i think imma get 1. the begininng of my conformity

maybe young jock is a good rapper who makes great music. maybe jeezy is spectacular.

maybe teenage pregnany is something 2 be celebrated.

maybe homosexuality is a trait people u can be born with and its genetic... despit that flying in the face of logic. (if u got the gay gene. u got it from 1 of ur parents. and if they had it... u wouldnt be poppin out? would you?)

maybe pres bush really is the devil, and my vote was wasted on him. maybe me being black means i should become a democrat, just becuz.
maybe democrats actually have a plan 2 actually do SOMETHING instead of just complain about actual planning republicans do.

maybe the sidekick 3 really is a great upgrade. a sk3 is cool. as long as u aint have a sk2. a shitty 1.3 megapixel camera aint great unless it actually takes nice pix... and not just really big shitty pix.

maybe illegal immigrants dont pose any real threat 2 this country...

maybe israel wasnt in the middle east b4 muslims were around, and it wasnt their land 2 begin with.

maybe i am the 1 who makes no sense.
maybe all of u who co-sign the bullshit r right.

maybe having a picture of a boyfriend u have had 4 maybe 2 weeks in ur profile picture is a great idea. maybe i am crazy 4 not wanting a picture of some nygga i dunno as my 1st picture on my friends list...

maybe imma dummy 4 even having a page.

maybe i need 2 fix that.

maybe all of u tryna look like ur all fashionable, and still live in the ghetto need 2 spend that money on something better than a $90 teeshirt.

maybe ed hardy isnt von dutch w/ new tags...

maybe sellin drugs really is cool.

maybe being a "rapper" really is a job.

maybe gas should really cost $3 dollas an gallon.

maybe the iraqi people were better off w/ saddam.

maybe bin laden actually had a point, and america is wrong.

maybe we should ease up on illegals... maybe being an ILEGAL immigrant isnt really a crime. if u believe that an illegal u-turn wont get u a ticket.

maybe labor day is about westindians, and not about the american worker.

maybe evisu and all these really stupid, really expensive clothes r really cool. maybe they will still be cool in 5 years. if so... SHOW ME UR PARASUCO JEANS....

maybe none of u r fukkin lames. and i am the only douche.

maybe all of u should read this and hit me back. lemme know what u think..

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