Wednesday, November 15, 2006

joe budden is the truth

[Verse 3]
Ma - you real aggressive, catchin' me of balance
It's a turn off, don't you know niggaz respect a challenge
Move a lil' slow gettin' at me
Treat the pussy like it's worth somethin', don't just go throwin' it at me
Cuz - while you doin' it at the same time
I'm thinkin' how many niggaz hit you wit that same line
Or - how many other niggaz you ran game to
How many niggaz you fucked or you gave brain to
How many other dudes houses you done came to
With condoms on you hopin' that he fondle on you
And - I ain't tryin' to catch nothin' from you
So I'm caught up in a Catch-22
If I don't fuck her then I'm not like guys she met before
So while I'm turnin' her down she's just likin' me more
But if I do get to pokin', hit her with long strokin'
I now have a girlie on my hands that's open
I don't want her callin' me constantly
Thinkin' 'cause I fucked her she got a bond with me
I don't want her misunderstandin' a one night stand
It was just a nut, I'm not your man

Ma - I'm there, if you fine in the rear
We can get into whatever if you don't mind boo be yeah
And when I'm done slidin', you somethin' fierce
You ain't gotta go home but you gotta get the fuck outta here

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