Wednesday, November 15, 2006

if you disagree w/ me you support terrorism

this is a simple thing. all this in the news about illegal immigrants, and a worry about poor border security... how frikkin simple is the answer. u cant say "ILLEGAL immigrants" are not criminals. by definition they r illegal, hence being deeming criminal should be common sense. not a point 2 be argued. if u wanna change the definition of illegal immigrant, then do so.
also, the porous border that america has allowing all the illegals in is a frikkin joke. how can we allow so many people 2 cross the mexican border unchecked. u mention put a wall up, and thats a big no no. God 4bid we make it harder 4 people who r trying 2 skirt the rules to get in here. sure the porus border wont exactly cause a terrorist attack, but it is a possibility. just cuz a terrorist hasnt come in here illgealy thru there doesnt make it an impossibility 4 the future. the terrorists didnt get here due to the porous border YET. the seem 2 come 2 less dubious ways. like the airports, and thru normal less illegal ways. how about we make it harder 4 EVERYBODY 2 get here. even legally. nothing wrong not just allowing people from everywhere 2 come here all willy nilly. we did it 4 years, heck we still kinna do it now. (kinda) how about we say... NOOOOOO all of pakistan can not move 2 richmond hill. how about we make sure people who come here have @ least some minimal knowledge of the english language. i mean sure ther technically is no official language nation wide. yet 20 something states have found a need to make it official in their respective states. it is the most commonly spoken language in america, have some frikkin respect. y should i have 2 look @ these people lookin @ me dumb cuz i dun speak spanish. i speak it well enough 2 where if i went 2 the dominican, i would be able 2 survive, and i know enuff 2 learn how 2 speak better if i was gonna go. people just come here running from whatever they left from, then park up here like they r back there. dont tel me how beautiful haiti is, and how its not nearly as oor a nation as th telivision makes it out 2 be when u came here and left everybody u know and everything u had 2 get the hell outta there and come 2 brooklyn (sorry brooklyn, yall get 2 be my posterchild, no wait queens 2... the most "culturally diverse" county in all or america. and no i dont look @ that as something 2 be proud of. my mom is an immigrant. but she is americanized, she realizes america is her home. this is her home. she is american. she is from where she came from. yet she is american now. anyway.... back on 2 my main point. maybe if we mad it harder 2 get here. and actually checked on who the people coming here r, lets makes sure they r who they say they are. so what if its time consuming. so what if it is inconvienant 4 the newcomers. i'll tell u what is inconvienant. not having the wtc anymore. that is a frikkin problem this, its light work 4 them. if we checked 19 arab dudes a lil tuffer, we would still have the wtc. lets profile racially. its common sense. lil old chinese ladies aint blowin shit up. lets let them on the plane quicker. muhammad achbar... he might be a problem. these r a people who believe in something that seems 2 prevent them from gettin along w/ anybody. EVER. look up what islamic pirates were doin 2 american ships in the Mediterranean in the 1800's in the infancy of america. it had nothing 2 do w/ us being buddy buddy w israel (they didnt exist @ that time) or how we portray them on tv... (no tv.) it is just part of what they believe. hell while i respect a persons ability 2 believe in whatever tehy want to, i dont respect the ability 4 people 2 lie. islam is not a peaceful religion (not 2 may are, hell christians r famous 4 crusades and what not... well @ least catholic, protestants tend 2 just be annoying, nah violent.) mohammad converted people @ the edge of a sword @ the genesis of his religion. believe of off w/ ur head. thats NOT peaceful. i dont care what u say. own up 2 it. i will respect u more. a
anyway, 2 sum up. lets make amreica better by makin americans be americans. u wanna come here. u betta @ least try 2 blend a lil... we cant be a melting pot, if u dun wanna melt. lets get people here who wanna melt, u wann tell me how beautiful where u came from is. GO BACK 2 the beauty, and stop bothering me. cuz despite the MAJOR problems in america... it is still america the beautiful. if fucked up, but it aint china! get back @ me.

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