Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hip hop is dead

thats right i sed it. hip hop is dead.
i remember when hip hop was about setting trends... i remember when u actually had 2 be nice @ rapping 2 be a rapper... now... all u have 2 do is... wtf knows. fart on a mic? does anybody know? this shit on the radio... its trash. there is no reason 4 milk and gizmo from audio 2 to be nicer than young joc. d4l, dem franchise boys... where is the "imma be better than you" aspect 2 that. i always thought being a rapper ment you wanted 2 be nice. nah merely passable. where r the rappers who wanna be best? i thought that is what rap was about.
krs-1 "i'm nah sayin im number 1. oh, im sorry i lied... im number 1-2-3- and 5..."
where is the hunger? where is the 1-up'smanship? where is the thought process of... "well if ur gonna do this, imma do that." why does1 nygga do something stupid, and now everybodyelse does something stupid. i remember when fashion jewelry was a punk thing... or a jamaican @ labor day thing... this aint shit 2 wear 2 go do laundry. fukkin idiots. we need 2 revive hip hop. sure throwing it back 2 an earlier time is cool. i'm all 4 it. hell i listen 2 de la soul. but when rap music is devolving into something that seems 2 be thrown 2gether, instead of crafted... imma pass. thats y i am all 4 kanye, lupe, pharell... dudes who got that "it" thing... new skool kats w/ an old school twist. i'm feelin lil wayne... cuz whether u agree w/ him or not... he thinks he is the best rapper alive. nobody can touch him. isnt that the idea all rappers should have? my 16 is hotter than urs. and if not, im comin back 2morrow w/ an even hotter set. sure we need club records... aint nuttin wrong w/ dancin... but i rememebr when it was NICE RAPPERS makin club records. i remember when u could be nice on a club banga. big, jigga, krs, rakim, big daddy kane, de la... all nice. all have made records where if u throw them on in a club 10 years later... u have a problem. me myself and i... 1 of the most danceable rap records ever... but that dun stop them from stakes is high... or introducing the world 2 mos def.. or makin socially responsible music. now a days... u cant be nice and have something 2 say, and then make a party record and keep it moving. ur a sell out. u cant do both. fukitall... imma go listen 2 nelly furtado now.. that promiscuous girl is more hiphop that 95% of the shit on the radio now anyway.. problems... get @ me

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