Wednesday, November 15, 2006

get out my closet

my new rant... ok everybody stop trying 2 be original... none of u look original. ya vans... ya fitted jeans... fashion beaded necklaces, all this stuff... lets see... have any of us seen a cindy lauper video? have any of us hung out w/ a jamaican in the last 10 years? can we all just do what we do, and stop tryna look like an avril levigne video from 2 summers ago? i can complain, cuz i still have my old man plad shrts from when i was 11 and 12... and they werent cool. when i had them cuz i liked them. nah cuz i was tryna be different. i had them cuz i was different. yall nyggaz need 2 catch the fuck up. no matter of fact... fall back. my mans w/ the french connection... fall back. my boy been there since last millenium... screen printed tee's... um lets be real... old navy had funny tee's since 94, and yall was lookin @ me like that shirt only cost 10.50. (fukkin right i know how much an old navy tee costs) so in closing... nothing is new under the sun. this whole breakfast club thing will be so over next summer. we will see who is truly prep when this is all over... i got clothes that fit from 5 years ago that still look fresh. yall nyggaz dun wanna battle me. yall cant. imma look like a hoodlum untill the hoodlums get out my closet!!!! one

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