Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the difference b/w blacks and whites...

1 of the big differences i have notced b/w black people and white people inthe way they r raised, and operate in their communities is the whole tattletale thing.white people will tell if they see something going on. u rob an old lady,and "billy" sees it. ur goin 2 jail. cuz he is testifying. he probably gonnashow the d.a. the video tape.if kwameek sees an old lady gettin robbed... he may try 2 get the walker 2sell on the block. u think he is tellin? that nygga been ingrained w/ "snitches get stitches" since kindergarden. nyggas only want people to tell when something happens to them or their mom, or somebody close. Its really so sad. The moral of the story is... Dun commit no crim w/ glen. Cuz im tellin. Snitches dun get stitches in real life. My boy drivin drunk and hits a little gurl. You aint gonna tell cuz its ya boy? What about that lil gurl. What about her parents. Dun they have a right to know who speedracer was? Yall nyggas are fukked up. Grow up. The world is bigger than hood laws.

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