Wednesday, November 15, 2006

crazy myspace friends

YO... internet friends... my peoples i met from off the net. some of yall r cool as fukk. some of yall have trancended form cool e-friend 2 somebody i value w/o a keyboard in front of me... (big shouts out 2 HWFB, kellz, and cassie.. even though ur weird) yall r people i can get down with in real life. big ups 2 u..
but somepeople just try 2 be 2 friendly 2 soon. like um... fall back im nah ya homie like that. i can understand e-venting... i do it.. sometimes complaining 2 e-friends online is relaxin... its better than ya real friends. they usualy aint 2 judgemental. but some people become like e-fiends... and cant say hi and keep it movin if they dun get a reply. they gotta i.m. u 5 more times askin y u aint talkin 2 them. fukkin lames. get a life.
get @ me.

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