Wednesday, November 15, 2006


lets go over some ground rules...
1: no visitation w/o a gift. sounds bad, but i gota things 2 do.
2: NO i cannot spend the day with you. if u gota ask.... i wont even be mean and say it.
3: LADIES... sexual favors DO NOT count as gifts...
i dun like gettin my duck sicked... and no i will not beat. but if ur friend is offering... u never know. LOL
4: dont buy me any wack ass gifts. wish me happy birthday, and keep it movin. it will be better appreciated than ummm... the wallet u give me. i dun need a new 1.
5: dun be mad if i aint w/ u. it will be ok... i probably wont be w/ u on ur bday anyway... suck it up.


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