Saturday, February 11, 2006

My new annoyance... 1st post.

My new annoyance....
Dvd... 14.99
Cd... 17.99
(Problem #1... Y do cd's debut 4 anywhere b/w 8 bux 2 14 bux... But in 3
months they cost 18-19 dollars?
Problem #2... A movie costs millions 2 make... Yet 2 receive any
instance of it u will pay no more than 20 bux... Jurrasic park...
100million+ 2 make... 15 2 watch. Cam'ron's 1st album on rocafella 17.99
yet it didn't cost them anything 2 make. It was already done by the time
they got it basically...)
I will never buy a cd again (unless jigga or mosdef or somebody I
actually respect as an artist come out and when I I say artist... I dun
mean rap artist. I mean artist. People who are artistic @ what they do.
Aka jeezy won't get my money untill he learns more than 4 rhymes...) Get
@ me people
To all the people who armchair fight is the war in iraq... Or war on
terror... Since you have all the answers, and you know what will work...
Walk down 2 ur nearest military recruiter, sign up, and take ya smart
ass over there and go fix it! You all r some chickens... Go holla @

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